Wednesday, November 7, 2012

These sites to introduce your blog to the world

I've been blogging a few years and I've tried a few free blog to promote the doll and puppet made ​​TsabitaBoneka. Most of my blog visitors would come from Indonesia where I come from :)... Thanks  God that TsabitaBoneka quite acceptable in people's hearts.
Apparently TsabitaBoneka enthusiasts not only from Indonesia, lately I want to make a special blog for my International buyers.

How to promote your blog to the international? apparently facebook is not enough .... after browsing I finally got a few sites that can promote my blog to the international.
I tried creating a new blog and immediately promote to some sites below. Within a few days my blog Cheer you child's day has had visitors from abroad quite a lot, in my opinion of course :)

1. Facebook certainly on the list of sites required for the promotion of my blog,of course you all mostly agree, because fb is the largest social network users.

2.  Pinterest, this site is the best alternative in addition to fb to try to introduce my blog, this site an interesting place to look for ideas for the crafter of course! because there are thousands of free tutorials here (select the DIY and Craft). But be careful to open the site in front of the kids because it's pretty much the photos were not worth their look!

3. I Share Craft. The site is also equipped with photos and links to tutorials or projects. Click here to sign up {free} and submit your idea.

4. Craftgawker This site displays photographs and links to tutorials or projects. Click here to sign up {free} and submit your idea. but the main requirement photo should be good because I have several times rejected because of the photo: P

5. Ucreate, UCreate have thousands Tutorials / DIY who knew a direct link to your website / blog owner tutorials include your blog if you've put it there!. You can even becoming a guest which gives a complete tutorial on UCreate if you are approved! Click here to submit your idea

6. One Pretty Thing The site has a rotating theme tutorials and craft. Click here to submit your idea.

7. Tip Junkie. Site is more like a community where you can post your tutorials for people to find and see. Click here to register for free.

8. CraftGossip  This place gossiping about craft! submit your gossip here

9. Freeneedle 

Registration is simple, easy to add our link here

11.Totally Tutorials  Requirements that must be considered the blog must be in English, not a copy and paste tutorial, and links being sent not just to sell. Submit a tutorial here, no need to register :)

Try it!  ... happy blogging :)

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