Thursday, April 25, 2013

Ninjago-Kai ...handmade plush doll

Ninjago doll is made ​​at the request of our customers, her son is really liked Ninjago figures .... of course, if he does not like ... why must special order ... LOL.
Ninjago plush doll is not yet available in Indonesia, so she asked me to make a doll with an example photo of the original Ninjago Lego is made ​​of plastic.
It's a challenge for me to make dolls similar as possible with the given example. So ... as this is the outcome. Ninjago Kai plush doll by TsabitaBoneka.

Dolls and sword is made of fabric nylex (special to make dolls) and filled with hypoallergenic synthetic fibers, approximately 22 inches high when the hair stood up ... hehe, sword and face cover are removable  ... so you do not have to worry so overcrowded Kai sigh ... kidding

 doll face embroidered manually by my working partners, so the dolls can be washed safely.

 This is a picture of the original Lego Ninjago example given to us

 because were asked to make this doll, so I often watch Ninjago series  : D

Qeis my son with Ninjago-Kai

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Parade of Bunny Softies

 Bunny Softies are handmade dolls aprox 45cm (18inc). They are our newest softies .... bunny softies made of soft faux fur fabric. with a combination of cotton in the ears and feet, eyes and cheeks are made of felt are attached with hand embroidery ...softies are content with the high quality synthetic fibers ( silicone)... so soft to cuddle. With approximate height 45cm from tip of ear to toe ... very fitting cuddle your child. Bunny softies can be washed with common washing machine so you do not have to bother to Laundry.

go dancing with them on our page Tsabita Boneka & Puppet in the album Available Bunny Softies

adopt them, so that your kid can sleep with them

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Engineer puppet

She is a petroleum engineering graduate, who worked in the mining company, She wore official journal: wearpack and safety helmets, and of course she was also wearing a headscarf. And she likes this puppet representing herself.


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