Saturday, September 19, 2015

New Hijabi cotton dolls...

For a little girl ... we also design a cotton dolls which is safe for toddlers ... because there is not a hair of yarn and no embellishments such as buttons, beads etc. We draw the doll's face, with a special fabric markers that do not fade when washed. As we know, children often dropped his toy ... so toys should be washed clean of dirt.
As this is the latest design hijabi cotton dolls, we made a limited ... because I sewed myself, I hope you like it ...
To check our stock please visit our page at Tsabita Boneka&Puppet 





Cotton rag dolls, stuffed synthetic fibers, cotton skirts can be removed, the doll's face drawn with special markers fabric. Safe for babies and toddlers.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Pusheen the Cat handmade doll

Pusheen the cat is cute and adorable caracter sticker on facebook messenger ... my kids is very love this I made pusheen doll or pillow for kids.

I drew myself pusheen face and strips with fabric marker. I make my own pattern inspired by pusheen of course.

So...It's done .. my kids is very happy ... so do I

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

New cute doll for my daughter

it turns out I was quickly bored repeating the same thing, finally for refreshing, I made a doll with a different pattern and different materials as well. This doll I've ever made, I made for my little girl, was school holidays.

 I made this doll leggy so can be bent (high dolls 60cm) and a simple face, the body of cotton except her hair naturally, her eyes from felt

Doll's body made from cotton variety of patterns, even hands too ...! ... This doll cool if cuddle and suitable for who allergy furry material

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Red Riding Hood Series

Red Riding Hood costume a removable, a doll made ​​of cotton, microfleece, felt, filled with synthetic fibers, hairs from the knitting yarn. Hand embroidered face. Washable, approximately the size of a doll is 35cm

Cotton Bears for Your Babies

Big Bear
Size approximately doll from ear tip to toe 42cm height 30cm sitting position. tebuat of cotton, with synthetic fiber stuffing. Eye of hand-sewn buttons firmly, hand embroidered mouth and nose, washable. safe to cuddle your kids


 approximately the size of a doll from the leg to the tip of the ear 21cm. doll made ​​of cotton, with synthetic fiber stuffing. bear face painted with a special marker for washable fabrics so fixed. safe for kids

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Miiko Hand Puppet... kawaii ^_^

Finally finished ... Miiko hand puppet wearing a yukata is made as ordered by one of our customers ... 
It is very difficult for us to translate manga drawing 2D to 3D doll shape especially this is not just ordinary dolls but dolls (hand puppet) that can be played by inserting a hand into the inside of the head and both hand puppet. Of course we have to estimate the space for puppeter hand. So we had to modify the proportions of the body of this manga figures (Miiko). because the original body is very small and very large-headed

 Our customers just give a picture of the Miiko is only one in a position slightly to the side. I think ... because the picture is not forward-facing position, then we send the frontispiece miiko (same figure) looks ahead to ensure that the front looks like a doll that we send. turns out customer did not want it. He wants exactly like the pictures that he sent earlier in the tilted position. 
Oh well ... would like this

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Homemade stuffed giraffe

This is the first time I made stuffed giraffe. Make this doll so much fun with a free pattern from Prints to polkadot blog. Thank you for sharing the tutorial stuffed giraffe, kids like it very much.

Here go to the tutorial


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