Sunday, November 4, 2012

How easy to make Grab Button... Just 4 steps!

Hallo my friends who are just learning blogging .... this time I discuss the Grab Button. It is a tiny image when clicked directly to the owner link button grab it.
What to do with the craft? Wow .... obviously related at all. My crafter friends usually like to make the event like: giveaway (GA) .. usually participants are required to install the grab button  of blog GA organizers.
So you want to have a grab button for your own blog? ... Easy! Just 4 steps! follow my way below.

How to make a grab button:

1. Select the image / photo will be grab button. Remember! size must be small and JPG extension. And what if the image / photo that we like big size? easily edit the first use photoshop .... if anyone can not more easily edit your picture in PicMonkey. here we can decorate and give the writing on photos as well. then reduce (resize) to the size we want. Do not forget to save on your computer.

This is an example of the images that I have edited in PicMonkey and I'll make a grab button for my new blog Cheer you child's day

2. If a photo is ready upload to blogger / Picasa (such as making regular blog posts later after posting photo URL we can be removed) or can be uploaded to Flickr or PhotoBucket. Go to post our pictures on the blog, and click on the picture so see our photo URL address.

3. Further we go into the "Grab My Button" Code Generator and fill all the empty boxes : Blog Name, address and blog URL (address our picture was in the blogger / Picassa). others not need to be changed 

Once completed click the preview button then we immediately get the result .... so easy. You just need to copy it.

4. Next live posted on the blog through your blogger dashboard click> Layout> add gadget> HTML / Javascript> paste the code had already gained.

The result is like this ... is on the right following code can be copied and paste to be installed on another blog :)

The result is like this on our blog ... Let's try

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