Saturday, December 29, 2012

DIY ...Ninja Boy from Baby T shirt !

Waaatttaaaa...! I am ninja boy from baby t-shirt ...Make me so that I could accompany your little son play and sleep......Haik!
Toddler growing so fast so that a lot of their t-shirts are quickly become too small. If there is a favorite t-shirt of your little son who had too small, why not turn it into a soft toy that would become his favorite toy. One is turn it into a ninja boy softie.Below is ​​ninja boy softie pattern I made, enjoy it!

These patterns are free to use not for sale,you allowed if you want to print patterns for your own use and sell the dolls your work using this pattern, and I would appreciate you not sell the pattern of mine :) Please include with our blog link to share 

Tools and Materials:
  • 1 Tshirt that has been too small or unused
  • Sewing needle and thread (sewing machine if there)
  • synthetic fibers for stuffing
  • rag / felt for the face and decorate dolls
  • Multipurpose glue / glue gun
  • scissors

How to make a ninja boy softie:

1. Prepare baby tshirt and print patterns (pattern I made on A4 paper, you can enlarge or reduce the pattern to adjust the size tshirt, try to arch the lower head of the exact same size as curved neck on the body)

2. Cut tshirt fit the pattern, each pattern a pair (2 pieces reverse), except for the hand, you need 2 pairs (4 pieces reverse), note the location setting patterns tshirt order enough for all the patterns. To face can use patchwork / fabric felt color, and enough cut 1 sheet only

3. Sewing doll face the front of head pieces, here I use the help of a sewing machine, you can use hand stitching.

4. Sew around the hand of doll (do not forget the good side of the fabric facing) and leave open the base of the arm, turning and fill with synthetic fibers.

5. Stacking doll hands on body, and again stack with a face, the face of doll facing to the hands and body as shown below. With the help of pin sewing throughout front of the doll neck.

6. Sew back head to back body but leaving a hole in the middle, enough to reverse later.

7. Stack the back and front sides of doll with good faced and hands inside the pile, then sew around the doll from head to toe all.

8. Turn over through a hole in the back of the neck that had been spared.

9. Fill fully / sufficiently to taste, not too little because the doll will be flat and lame.

10. Sew the stuffing hole using the ladder stitch and knot the thread tightly.

It is finished and ready to decorated using fabric felt!


Natalie said...

This is awesome! It is fantastic to see a fun project like this for the boys!

Tsabita Boneka said...

Thank you Natalie for visiting and your appreciation, I am happy if my post is useful for you

seemesew84 said...

I LOVE this idea! I am adding it to my boy feature on my blog to day!

Tsabita Boneka said...

Thank you Shantel Jones for appreciating my tutorial ... I love it

Paola said...

Thanks for the idea. Kiss from spain.

Unknown said...

The Ninja Boy is very cute, and seems to be very dangerous too, LOL
thanks for the great tip and tutorial.

Ini yety said...


Unknown said...

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