Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Handmade soft dolls are ready!

They are the handmade softdolls by TsabitaBoneka! They measure approx: 22" (55cm) from top of hair to tippy toe. Their costumes are removable , colorful and playful

Skin dolls made from fleece fabric with a decorative bit of felt for the eyes, and filled with polyester fiber and fabric pieces of fleece for the body ,so it remains soft and gentle and environmentally friendly. Doll face embroidered by the hand.

If you are interested  to buy these dolls click here or  please visit and like our page at:

Caca - Available 1 only $ 35 USD

Lala -  Available 1 only $ 35 USD

Choky Hoody -  Available 1 only $ 35 USD

Villy - Available 1 only $ 35 USD

Ready Stock! each doll there's only one avaliable! It can be seen also on our Facebook page to check stock latest!

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