Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Lazy cat sock doll tutorial

Hi cat lovers! ... This tutorial is making cat sock doll  ... I created this tutorial upon request DAAI TV (local TV) ... they asked a simple doll tutorial in order to follow the kids who watch this show. After browsing here and there I finally decided to make a sock puppet ... and it was so easy to make it if we try directly! 
Let's try ...!

Materials and equipment needed is quite simple: 1 sock, synthetic fiber filling, sewing and embroidery thread, markers, scissors, needle

Step by Step:
Reverse socks and put the heel of the sock above 

pattern of Lazy Cat sock doll

Picture of a cat's head on the tip of the sock in his ear piece just drawing curves as above, it's easy ...?

Sew the curve by hand stitching or use a sewing machine, without cutting first so it does not roll

If it is stitched and then we cut 2-3mm from the top of the stitches

Then we cut the bottom of the cat's head (the tip of the finger socks) for reverse and fill ... continue ... turn the head of a cat.

we make cat's body, cat foot drawing by dividing the two ends of the upper and lower ends of leftover sock with a line of about 5cm, and then drawing a curve around the earlier lines, is to mark the place to be sewn. lines made ​​earlier for the mark to be cut

Sew the legs following the line mark sewing before, until all the top and bottom closed as shown below ... and cut the top of the sock.

Cut the line that divides the two legs, remember not to cut stitches that you make

Cut little cat's belly (top of sock, not the heel)

Once reversed so like this

Fill the head and body with synthetic fibers. Fill your cat's head from his ears, complete with a formed enough so round. Fill cats body from toe first.

Stitch together head holes pull thread through the hole and knot closed.

Close opening with skewers stairs stomach (almost like stitch together but zigzag stitches across each two edges )

Decorative face doll with embroidery using wool yarn / knitting yarn

If you've finished embroidering needle direct at the bottom of the head and tie.

Connect the head to the body with a ladder stitches too ...

Lazy cat sock doll are finished. Add a tail if you like, please try yourself hehe


mizdarlin said...

Thanks for this, it is lovely..I had to look carefully, but now I 'get' it!♥

Tsabita Boneka said...

Thank you Mizdarlin ... I'm very happy if my post is useful ... sorry the pictures a bit blurry because I cut the size of the photo :D

The undomesticated scientist said...

Will have to try this for my cat mad lass!

Tsabita Boneka said...

Please try make it The undomesticated scientist and good luck! :D

Unknown said...


Taelia88 said...

Awesome DIY!!!! You did a really good job!!!
Great post!! I included it in my post Βόλτα στη Γειτονιά #20 :)
Have a great week!!

Tsabita Boneka said...

Please feel free to share this tutorial Tina Pippo...I'm very glad ^_^

Frank John said...

It is very easy to make. I love that.
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joy said...

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