Thursday, December 13, 2012

How to wash your handmade rag doll or softies

Here we will discuss how to wash the dolls from cloth like rag doll or wardolf doll,  especially handmade dolls that require special treatment. Not to wash your mouth moveable puppet! Because moveable mouth puppet require somewhat different treatment to prevent damage.

We need to know is the type of fabric doll, cotton cloth washing easy but sometimes it is often shrinkage, for washing synthetic fabrics will be easier because it probably will not shrink, fabric felt sometimes change shape after washing.

softdoll handmade by tsabitaboneka made ​​of fleece fabric can be washed without worrying about shrinkage or wrinkled on the skin after washing dolls.
But if your child's dolls, was dirty would inevitably have to be washed, the following are tips to safely wash rag doll, if you are worry to wash them with a washing machine will ruin your handmade dolls.

Prepare equipment and dolls to be washed:

  • remove the costume / dress and a detachable asesories doll, doll clothes can be washed like normal clothes.
  • Bind / pigtails doll if the doll has hair made ​​of wool / cotton hand-sewn, and be sure not to loose when washing!. NEVER brush your doll hair made ​​of yarn because it will damage it! Doll hair from yarn can be combed with the fingers only!.
  • Even better if there is a bag made ​​of fabric net / tile, you could wrap her head and hair like a shower cap.
  • Equipment needed basin / bucket small, clean toothbrush, a little liquid soap / dishwashing liquid soap / shampoo is fine, towels were not dark so as not to fade dolls.

How to wash dolls:

  • Fill a basin with warm water or lukewarm is fine (do not use water too hot or too cold!).
  • Use a small amount of liquid soap dissolve in water shake until foamy.
  • Soak doll for 10 minutes or more.
  • If there are stubborn stains with a soft brush using a toothbrush until the stain is out, if made of felt do not use a toothbrush! replace your toothbrush with a small towel covered finger in the wet soapy water, wipe with a circular motion.
  • Drain the water from the bowl and press the excess water out of the doll.
  • Rinse soap from dolls  with plain water.
  • Roll up a towel to remove excess water, or to softdoll by TsabitaBoneka be dried in drying machine on the washing machine, and drying by hanging in the shade or allow to air dry itself. Keep dry on the same day to prevent the musty smell of the doll. If the weather is not friendly you can hang it near your refrigerator :)
Sorry we did not include a picture because our equipment is not worth photographed haha lol
Tips above could be used for all of the handmade dolls from cloth not just our products.


Marcos S. Morse said...

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Unknown said...

Good ideas! The doll is a Bunny which my Grandmother made using amazing sewing skill. Smudge on face came from dark thread used to sew on Button eyes. She made two, so I wasn't then to look the same again. I hope it works, thank you.


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