Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Learn about Dolls and How to make: Waldorf Doll (traditional European dolls)

Waldorf doll (also called Steiner doll) is a form of doll used in Waldorf education. Made of wool and cotton, using techniques drawing on traditional European dollmaking, its appearance is intentionally simple in order to allow the child playing with it to improve or strengthen imagination and creativity. For instance, it has no facial expression. Its legs and arms are flexible, allowing natural postures.
Traditional Waldorf dolls are made from cotton interlock knit fabric and wool stuffing. They are often entirely natural. Typically the trademark long hair of a Waldorf doll is made of mohair or boucle. Some doll makers use alternative hair material such as woolrayon, and cotton. The facial features of a Waldorf doll vary with the maker. Most Waldorf dolls have small suggestions of noses, their eye and mouth colors are generally varied with each doll.(From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

By Bamboletta
If you are interested in learning to make it, there are at the links below:

Saturday, November 24, 2012

3...2...1..Blast off !! Rocket Plush Tutorial

 Hi friends ....the astronauts landed on the planet plush, with a plush rocket ride
Come on ... making steps presented below, do not forget to prepare the fleece fabric, lining foam, felt, thread woll, dacron, sewing thread ... of course equipment is are also ...

Create a pattern as shown below, is quite simple, you can replicate the picture below.
Then cut the fabric like fleece and foam lining pattern:

  • rocket bodies cut by 4 pieces (fabric and foam)
  • cut circles under cover as much as 1 sheet (fabric and foam),
  • rocket legs cut by 4 pairs opposite each other (fabric and foam)
  • Sphere of felt fabric 2 size for rocket window............

 Sew stitch together around the window sheet to sheet the rocket body

 Sewing foot rocket with foam composition +2 pieces of fabric + foam faced on the bright side, let the above is not sewn to reverse, and back fill with dacron

Sew the four pieces of rocket bodies once the foam upholstery

 At first sewing 2 pieces each rocket body with composition as in rocket's foot but sewing on one side, do the same thing on two other sheets. Then stack the two halves on either side of the fabric facing with ... sewing around the top of that curved...look like this!

 Replace the lid and then sewing around it, leaving a hole for turning and filling

 Flip and fill with dacron, cover the hole with a skewer ladder stitch (similar to stitch together) try not to look

 Attach rocket's foot in place with stitching 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hello we come!

Hi ! we are Indonesian family, today we are going to Pontianak, this is city of Borneo... We love it !

There the snails hatch in my house ... :D

These snails a few days ago lodged in my house, they are very cute ... my kids love it. Unfortunately these the snails can not linger in our homes, because they have to go to Samarinda toward the person who ordered them
Look at them so cute .. really!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Hello My Crafty FriendS!

Hallo temen-temen grup Indonesia Crafter yang sudah follow blog ini terimakasih banyak yaa...Yang mau tukeran link boleh juga...syaratnya blognya tentang craft yaa.. dan tidak mengandung gambar porno :)...karena Blog saya ramah anak ..dan tentu link yang terpasang saya harap juga ramah anak :)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Let's make a bunny hand puppet !

Materials needed:

  • Faux Fur Fabrics here if I wear these kinds of fleece fabric imported :Yelvo , it smooth and supple (elastic), if no, you can use cotton or  velboa ... no problem! 
  • Pattern (here I've transferred to fabric for easy cutting) 
  • Sewing thread and yarn wool Dacron or silicon fibers for stuffing.
  • A little fabric felt for the nose and teeth, as well as to the front of the ear (can also Nylex / cotton for front rabbit ears) 
  • Googly eyes  with a medium size.
  • Multipurpose glue 


  • Scissors
  • Sewing needle and pin 
  • Sewing machine

 How to make:

1. Cut the fabric according to the pattern:

As this pattern. sorry ...I have not been able to make the pattern into a PDF file, still no support facilities  :P. thus be estimated only. or please print the photo below. and traced to a pattern

Cut the pattern:

  • 2 ear pieces and 2 pieces of fleece fabric Nylex fabric / felt
  • Face 2 sheets back and reverse
  • Head back 2 pieces reverse each other
  • Back bodies behind 2 pieces reverse each other
  • Front body 1 sheet
  • Front hand 2 pieces reverse each other
  • Cover the neck (where putting a finger to move the puppet's head) 2 pieces here in blue.

 2. Sew around the ear piece to stacking fine face on the ear piece of fleece fabric with Nylex fabric leave the bottom open. Do as well on the finger grip (cover the neck).
Sew the center back of the head piece with great side of face, also do the same to face the rabbit pieces.

 3. Sew the center back piece body with fine side of the fabric face, then sew hand pieces hollow next to the front body piece as shown below

 4. Join the face with the front body kit neat. Do as well the same with the back of the head and body back :)

Do not forget to reverse the bunny ears! so like this :)

5. Sew the finger grip (cover the neck) to the connection in the back neck of a rabbit a part of one side only.

 6. Slide the rabbit ears on top of his head with folded back part forward like a picture, put a pin and then stacked with the face a rabbit that has been merged with the body face front with a nice side of course, like a sandwich: P

 As if already stacked the head with ears that have been tucked into!

 7. Sew around the rabbit puppet  and let the bottom open, open in the sewing section (rounds so neatly hemmed and behind a good on the outside)
Front view inside

Back view inside

After turned ... tadaaa .. ready to be filled!

 8. To make it easier filling, slightly Roll up a hand puppet body towards exit and fill with dacron. Remember to fill it just enough not too dense, because then the finger had no place to play, not too little as the head of a rabbit will dented: P
Roll out the body


Check the shape of his head, if it's okay ...?

 9. If you have filled in the sewing around the neck cover / point fingers at regular twist stitches.

10. Reverse and decorate bunny face, eyes and nose rabbit stick with glue multipurpose, embroideries mouth with wool and paste teeth from felt cloth

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Puppets we've ever made

Glove Puppets

Big Mouth Puppets (Moveable Mouth Puppets)

Finger Puppets


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