Saturday, November 24, 2012

3...2...1..Blast off !! Rocket Plush Tutorial

 Hi friends ....the astronauts landed on the planet plush, with a plush rocket ride
Come on ... making steps presented below, do not forget to prepare the fleece fabric, lining foam, felt, thread woll, dacron, sewing thread ... of course equipment is are also ...

Create a pattern as shown below, is quite simple, you can replicate the picture below.
Then cut the fabric like fleece and foam lining pattern:

  • rocket bodies cut by 4 pieces (fabric and foam)
  • cut circles under cover as much as 1 sheet (fabric and foam),
  • rocket legs cut by 4 pairs opposite each other (fabric and foam)
  • Sphere of felt fabric 2 size for rocket window............

 Sew stitch together around the window sheet to sheet the rocket body

 Sewing foot rocket with foam composition +2 pieces of fabric + foam faced on the bright side, let the above is not sewn to reverse, and back fill with dacron

Sew the four pieces of rocket bodies once the foam upholstery

 At first sewing 2 pieces each rocket body with composition as in rocket's foot but sewing on one side, do the same thing on two other sheets. Then stack the two halves on either side of the fabric facing with ... sewing around the top of that curved...look like this!

 Replace the lid and then sewing around it, leaving a hole for turning and filling

 Flip and fill with dacron, cover the hole with a skewer ladder stitch (similar to stitch together) try not to look

 Attach rocket's foot in place with stitching 

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