Friday, March 29, 2013

The pampered orangutan puppet

Kak Iman was one of the storytellers from Indonesia who use Orangutan puppet by Tsabitaboneka, orangutan puppet hands and feet can be stretched or shortened because the rubber band attached at the legs and arms. Orangutan puppet is made of faux fur and fleece fabric ... so cute right?

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Finger puppets the profession theme

Make finger puppets is fun for me., But the tricky part is decorating detailed finger puppets are quite small for an adult like me. Tadaa ... look like this ... funny is not it? And most importantly the kids love it.

This finger puppet size is about 8-10cm, suitable for adult finger or fingers of children, made ​​of polar fleece fabric and Nylex, decorated with plastic eyes and accessories from felt.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Abang Jakarta moveable mouth puppet

Jakarta, capital of Indonesia each year held a contest "Abang dan None Jakarta". Competitors are required to wear a typical of traditional Betawi, Betawi is another name of Jakarta. Like what traditional outfit looked Abang Jakarta? Let's see ...

Usually Abang wearing trousers and "Jas demang" equipped head cover called "liskol", "lokcan" as a belt, and wears a brooch with a chain called "Kuku Macan" imitation of tiger nails, do not miss the "Pisau Raut" at waist.

"Jas demang" is a male jacket that reaches to the thigh, usually black, with a standing collar and white upholstered, also on the sleeves. Liskol and lokcan made ​​of batik fabrics typical of Coastal areas called "Batik pesisir" brightly colored with floral cabbage .... so unique is not it?

The winner will wear a slash with embroidered "Abang Jakarta" like this :D

This hand puppet is 55cm tall, with moveable mouth, the clothes can be removed, but liskol sewn puppet head. Puppet made ​​of fleece fabrics except accessories.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Ashley wear over cute

Hi there....! She is Ashley...moveable mouth puppet, approx high 70cm, she wear shirt and overall pants (removable), Cute...insn't?

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Handmade soft doll from fleece fabrics...why not?

I love to make a doll or puppet of fleece fabric, why not? Fleece fabric is flexible, soft and fringe fabric does not unravel. That's why I like to call soft dolls for my handmade dolls.
The girls were very soft and cozy cuddle, height approx 55cm, their clothes are made of cotton fabric and can be removed
Alana with cotton shirt and denim pants - available 1 only

Choky with batik dress - available 1 only

Pini with cotton dress - available 1 only

Hanina with cotton dress - available 1 only

Pipi with cotton dress - available 1 only

Monday, March 4, 2013

Mas Bro moveable mouth puppet handmade

Moveable mouth puppet plush with rod stick,with removable costume, 
home made and handmade puppet, aprox h : 80cm
From fleece fabric and fill with silicone /poly fibre not foam.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

'Cupcake' Bunny Softies

Bunny Softies handmade wear pillow case dress with hand embroidery cupcake
h: 45cm (18inc) from ear to toe

Bunny softiea made of soft faux fur fabric. with a combination of cotton in the ears and feet, eyes and cheeks are made of felt are attached with hand embroidery ... softies are content with the high quality synthetic fibers ( silicone) ... so soft to cuddle. With approximate height 45cm from tip of ear to toe ... very fitting cuddle your child.
Bunny softies can be washed with common washing machine so you do not have to bother to Laundry


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