Sunday, May 26, 2013

Art + Math = Pencil Puppets

Making puppets shaped pencil is a new challenge for us, so far we have never made ​​a puppet shaped like a basic 3D shapes such as hexagonal prism, triangular prism and cone which is the basic form of this puppet.

To make this puppet basic pattern we use more of our math skills as well as artistic ability, of course! So we felt like going back to when we were in school before ... truly wonderful memories!

 It turns out .... with basic shapes like the design above is very difficult for us to make puppet movable mouth, eventually to widen the mouth (as compared mouthed cute designs but can not be moved, it is based on dummy trials which have been made) be a puppet pencil this can be driven with a convenient and easy for puppeter.

It is finished the problem? ... Apparently not dear friend .. when I tried to fill it with silicone puppet fiber pencil puppet turns even more like bolsters and heavy! ha ...? I imagine, the puppeter will feel like holding bolsters for storytelling, can certainly sore hands: D
Finally we look for alternative filler foam puppetnya the thick foam that we form as a framework and forming puppet. the result puppet becomes lighter and kept immaculate shape.
So friends can say this is our first foam puppet, because we made ​​so far could be called plush puppet

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