Friday, March 15, 2013

Abang Jakarta moveable mouth puppet

Jakarta, capital of Indonesia each year held a contest "Abang dan None Jakarta". Competitors are required to wear a typical of traditional Betawi, Betawi is another name of Jakarta. Like what traditional outfit looked Abang Jakarta? Let's see ...

Usually Abang wearing trousers and "Jas demang" equipped head cover called "liskol", "lokcan" as a belt, and wears a brooch with a chain called "Kuku Macan" imitation of tiger nails, do not miss the "Pisau Raut" at waist.

"Jas demang" is a male jacket that reaches to the thigh, usually black, with a standing collar and white upholstered, also on the sleeves. Liskol and lokcan made ​​of batik fabrics typical of Coastal areas called "Batik pesisir" brightly colored with floral cabbage .... so unique is not it?

The winner will wear a slash with embroidered "Abang Jakarta" like this :D

This hand puppet is 55cm tall, with moveable mouth, the clothes can be removed, but liskol sewn puppet head. Puppet made ​​of fleece fabrics except accessories.

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