Saturday, October 27, 2012

Tsabitaboneka Handmade softdoll

Tsabitaboneka dolls is designed for play NOT display. She is made hale and hardy and fully expects to go where
your child goes and do what your child does. If you hug the doll she will hug you back. She has a dress, 
removable and fasten with velcro, elastic and klip button. She
is about 22" (55cm) tall and other than scissors, she has no natural enemies. She will play all day and then keep
the “goes bump in the night” away. If she “accidentally” takes a dip in the tub, bag her and put her in the 
dryer. She plans on being a lifetime friend and listens very carefully without judgment. Please visit her and
all her friends at Tsabita Boneka & Puppet 

1 comment:

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Lovely and cute dolls! I love your blog as I get various ideas of making beautiful and lovely puppet dolls for my little princess which she loves.


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