Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Let's make a simple rag doll

Have a daughter? ... Definitely love dolls! let's try to make their own cloth doll, so that your daughter more cheerful :). 

Below I made a tutorial on Tabloid Genie request to be photographed in an interview Monday June 25, 2012. 
But in this blog  I took the picture by my self, so ..the picture becomes blurry and not as professionally done ... I really regret it :)

The tools and materials are simple and easy to obtain:

  • Cotton patchwork of different motifs plus a small felt fabric for shoes and face, or any fabric that you like :)
  • Sewing thread and embroidery thread for the black and red face
  • polyester fiber or a small rag to contents
  • cardboard for pattern also necessarily

Equipment needed:

  • scissors
  • Sewing needle and pin
  • Sewing machines if there if there is no you can sew by hand :)
  • Chopsticks to help reverse and filling
  • sharp pencil

First make a pattern as picture size free here, I made for the head, body and arms each about 15cm tall, plus a few feet tall presumed it as you wish :)

And cut material according to patterns of each of the two pieces except for the face is quite a piece of it. Shoes make 2 copies = 4 pieces

Trace the pattern of the mouth with a sharp pencil and then embroidered with red embroidery thread.
Attach the face to the doll's head also accessories (application) with the help of a pin. then sew around the face with a stick feston. Continues pairs of eyes from black felt fabric sewing in place become like this ..... hehehe sorry blurry picture .... :)

Then her hand sewing part continued with her arm, kept folding sewing round the edges leaving a hole for turning over and filling. as well as for the feet.

For a little sewing foot rear shoes first, then connect the shoes to his feet, fold in half and sew the open rounds except the course. Do not forget yaa flipped and filled with dacron.

 Let's connect the severed head with both bodies, then put a hand on the body has been completed across the front and back cover with the body like a sandwich .. This makes me hungry :)

Then sew around the body left open at the bottom, then back it would like the above .. tadaaa ...
Sew feet were already filled at the bottom of the front so as below ... but do not shut down the hole ... where you can fill it out later if closed all? : D

Fill ... fill .... not too dense filling enough for making doll face wrinkled, actually to gain better use of patchwork doll so not too thin and light :)

After sewing the hole is filled with neatly under the body .... ready to be given extra garnish to taste

Here I have not had time to make extra clothes, my daughter qonita (6th) who can not wait to get to play doll so

I hope your day cheerful ...... ^_^


  1. I´ll try it and if it works out, I have two happy girls.


  2. I love this. I'm gonna give it a go for my 1 year old!

  3. The tutorial you have added here for making this sweet rag doll it's really quite easy for making, photographs have make all the procedure easier, the doll is looking so attractive. i can surely say that every person's daughter will love it.

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  5. Thanks all for visiting and your apreciation... :D


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