Sunday, October 16, 2016

October collection of animal softies

Handmade dolls by TsabitaBoneka made from cloth "japan design cotton", cuddly and fluffy. Filled with synthetic fibers that can be washed.
Detailed eye and mouth partially drawn with special markers fabric, some are in the embroidery and hand embroidery depending on model doll, details of buttons sewn firmly to secure children play.
All handmade dolls byTsabitaBoneka made in a smoke-free environment.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

New Hijabi cotton dolls...

For a little girl ... we also design a cotton dolls which is safe for toddlers ... because there is not a hair of yarn and no embellishments such as buttons, beads etc. We draw the doll's face, with a special fabric markers that do not fade when washed. As we know, children often dropped his toy ... so toys should be washed clean of dirt.
As this is the latest design hijabi cotton dolls, we made a limited ... because I sewed myself, I hope you like it ...
To check our stock please visit our page at Tsabita Boneka&Puppet 





Cotton rag dolls, stuffed synthetic fibers, cotton skirts can be removed, the doll's face drawn with special markers fabric. Safe for babies and toddlers.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Pusheen the Cat handmade doll

Pusheen the cat is cute and adorable caracter sticker on facebook messenger ... my kids is very love this I made pusheen doll or pillow for kids.

I drew myself pusheen face and strips with fabric marker. I make my own pattern inspired by pusheen of course.

So...It's done .. my kids is very happy ... so do I


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